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Leapjuice is an online publishing platform that gives writers and creators the power to monetize their content through paid subscriptions.

Our online platform gives creators the power to run their own business. We put the power directly in your hands to achieve your entrepreneurial goals and run your own show.

Customers are provided a powerful full-stack platform right out of the box. Fully integrated for blogs, newsletters, payments, analytics, and all the tools necessary to provide your audience with high quality, feature-rich content. It’s fast, intuitive and easy to use — whether you’re an individual creator or team looking to grow.

Our plans combine enterprise-grade infrastructure with best-in-class publishing using Ghost — a powerful app for new-media creators. 

Built using open-source technology, our platform allows individuals with a non-technical background the ability to focus solely on their content. While at the same time, those with technical backgrounds will enjoy the ability to inject code and utilize additional integrations and functionality.

The ultimate platform for new-media creators.

Now running Ghost 5 -- blogs, newsletters, podcasts, independent journalism, and more.