Leapjuice Offers Free Ghost Hosting To Support Ukraine

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BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Leapjuice, a content-hosting technology company focused on independent creators and organizations, announced today they will provide free Ghost hosting to support Ukraine-based content publishing. The Company launched this initiative to ensure that stories, personal accounts, and other Ukrainian-based content is shared with the world. The Company has stated its support for the Ukrainian people and wants to ensure that information in this area of the world is not lost or silenced.

Beginning this week, Leapjuice will offer a new Ukraine Plan that will be free of charge and provide Premium Plan features with the addition of global CDN delivery. Users will have access to their own Ghost platform and own their data. They will also be granted a larger, 50-megabyte file upload limit to ensure they can seamlessly publish images and video along with written or other imbedded content.

The only customer requirement is that newly created Ukraine Plan accounts focus on Ukraine-based content. This is intended broadly and covers anything from family stories to live, daily coverage.

More information including sign-up can be found at: www.leapjuice.com/Ukraine

Andrew Talbot, Chief Technology Officer at Leapjuice, commented, “It’s challenging to determine ways to help and contribute during times where you feel morally compelled. We were in a unique position to offer our high-performance, feature-rich services in a way that ensures important stories are told. We feel that’s necessary. And lucky for us our infrastructure was built to support this very purpose. If we can amplify just one voice with an impactful message that’s good enough for us.”

Leapjuice utilizes the Ghost CMS open-source publishing platform and has built enterprise-grade infrastructure to host creators and deliver independent content worldwide. The Company’s CDN technology utilizes Google Global CDN and runs on Google Cloud’s internet backbone. The combination of Ghost’s gorgeous, modern web publishing and Leapjuice’s high-performance infrastructure provides an unparalleled experience in delivering content to audiences around the world. Users can monetize their audience and turn their audience into a business.