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Leapjuice Sustainable Managed Ghost Hosting Carbon-free

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Faster, cheaper, greener? In our quest to leverage leading technologies, sustainability takes precedent.

To power our technologies, we use electricity from the grid where the region is located. This electricity generates more or less carbon emissions (gCO2eq), depending on the type of power plants generating electricity for that grid and when we consume it. 

Google CFE%: This is the average percentage of carbon free energy consumed in a particular location on an hourly basis, while taking into account the investments we have made in carbon-free energy in that location. This means that in addition to the carbon free energy that’s already supplied by the grid, we have added carbon-free energy generation in that location to reach our 24/7 carbon free energy objective. As a customer, this represents the average percentage of time your application will be running on carbon-free energy.

We will always list the regions we are currently using and their CFE%. 

We are currently operating with a 93% CFE.