Leapjuice Open-Source Infrastructure Features Glossary

Dedicated PHP Pool

The website uses it’s own PHP-FPM process instead of the global PHP-FPM process that’s serves all websites that uses a particular PHP version, hence the name dedicated PHP-FPM handler:

The PHP-FPM is an advanced version of FastCGI which offers significant benefits for highly loaded web application

Nginx Caching

When someone visits your WordPress site, your server needs to execute PHP and query your database to deliver the final HTML product to your visitors’ browsers. Caching works by storing that final HTML product and automatically delivering it to visitors, instead of dynamically rendering your content for each visit.

By eliminating that backend processing, caching can speed up your site and lessen the load on your server.

Nginx lets you do something similar but at a server level. That is, Nginx is able to directly serve up your cached content without needing to involve PHP or WordPress.

In contrast, with a caching plugin, each request still needs to be handled by PHP at the application level. A caching plugin still eliminates much of the work and is definitely a positive for your site, but it also requires more CPU cycles than using Nginx to handle the request at a server level.

Managed DNS

We offer high-performance managed Google DNS for certain plans. This can rapidly speed-up your sites TTFB (time to first byte) and overall load time. You are not required to use this service but it’s available as part of your plan. It will require you to point your domain’s nameservers to our Google nameservers. We will then setup your DNS zone and manage this service. 

Cloud CDN

Our Cloud CDN is provided by Google Cloud CDN. This is a premium, high-performance service that caches your content around the world, then serves this content from the closest location to your visitor. This can massively improve not only site speed and load time around the world, but also improve conversions and engagement. 

Our Global CDN supports QUIC.cloud connections and technology.