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Top Managed Hosting Features

Top 9 Features of Leapjuice Managed Ghost & Managed WordPress

Leapjuice is built on Google Cloud.

We deliver enterprise technology at a fraction of the price. It's fully managed and hassle-free, allowing you to focus directly on your business or content.

Compute Infrastructure

Fast stopwatch to represent Leapjuice fastest CPUs with AMD Epyc Milan with no limit on memory usage.

AMD Epyc Milan Processors on compute architecture with no limit on memory usage.

Network Technology

Icons with colored global network with humans connected. Represents Leapjuice network technology on Google Cloud, including premium internet backbone, CDN, load balancer, and more.

Google premium internet backbone, load balancing, CDN, edge network, 100 POPs (points-of-presence), and advanced DNS.

Advanced SEO

Colored letters spelling out SEO. Represents search engine optimization boost gained from Leapjuice Managed Hosting built on Google Cloud.

SEO boost with server and network speeds, advanced DNS, and Google technology.

Caching Speed Boost

Server and computers that are caching data. Represents Leapjuice caching technology with Managed Hosting.

Nginx caching, object caching (redis/memcached/OPcache), and CDN.

Latest Technologies

Gears turning representing Leapjuice advanced Managed Hosting and optimization technology.

PHP 8.x, Node.js, Nginx reverse proxy, and dedicated PHP application handler.

Rapid SSD Storage

SSD hard drive logo. Represents Leapjuice Managed Hosting using SSD storage for lightning-speed and data performance.

Lightening fast, rapid SSD (solid state drive) storage.

High-Availability Databases

Database stack icons representing Leapjuice high-availability databases and performance benefits to the customer.

High-availability database server ensures your data is always available for customers and users, anywhere in the world at any time.

Carbon-Free Energy

Green leaves pointed towards a circle movement. Represents Leapjuice utilizing Google's carbon-free energy zones to deliver exceptional Managed Hosting performance with the lowest emissions.

Carbon-free energy by utilizing Google Cloud zones with the highest CFE % (highest currently 97% CFE)

Backups & Snapshots

Hard drive with a circular arrow. Represents Leapjuice's dedication to protecting your data from loss with server backups.

Own your data and never lose it; 2x daily backups and 1x daily snapshots.

More detail on our managed hosting features:

  • AMD Epyc Milan Processors

    We use compute engine architecture with AMD Epyc Milan processors to ensure the best performance available.

  • Google Premium Network

    Fiber optic, high bandwidth (up to 100Gbps) premium network delivering traffic at lightning-fast speeds.

  • Google Cloud CDN

    Your content is stored (cached) on Google's global edge network, at locations closest to your users. Over 100 points of presence.

  • Advanced SEO Boost

    We setup your server for DNS SEO optimization. We also optimize for speed, load times, and your traffic runs on Google's network. This provides incredible boosts to SEO.

  • High Availability Databases

    We use globally distributed, high-availability databases on SSD storage drives to deliver your content anywhere in the world. We seamlessly integrate our database technology into your CMS application of choice: Ghost or WordPress.

  • SSD Storage

    We use only SSD hard drives to ensure premium performance and provide the fastest data storage. This enhances both SEO and user experience. It also provides faster databases and the fastest overall IOPS.

  • Caching

    We utilize nginx caching to further optimize both speed and user experience. Saved copies of your content assets are preloaded on your server and ready to deliver to users instantly upon request.

    We also utilize object caching with redis to reduce response time on repetitive database queries.

  • Backups

    Your content is your work and your product. It's everything. And we take that seriously by performing multiple daily backups and snapshots to ensure nothing is lost. We can also provide exports of your database for increased backup flexibility.

  • Carbon Free Energy

    We are entirely carbon-neutral and have implemented carbon-free energy. We have developed our platform to utilize Google's highest CFE % locations, going as high as 97% carbon-free as of 2023.

  • Support

    Our goal is to offer a high-end boutique customer experience while delivering enterprise-level technology. Get stuck or run into an issue? Our support team works directly with you to ensure an exceptional customer experience. You can chat with us directly or quickly open a ticket; we want you to running smoothly. Our Full Stack and Business Customers will have a direct Account Manager.