Managed Ghost and WordPress Platform Built on Google Cloud

Enterprise technology at a fraction of the cost.

The most advanced Ghost and WordPress hosting available. Launch an optimized server, fully integrated with load balancing, a high-availability cloud database, caching, Google's premium internet backbone, CDN, and more.

Get the best in enterprise technology at a fraction of the price. And we manage it all for you.

We make it super easy to get started.

1. Choose a plan.

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Ghost and WordPress plans are available to power all levels of content creators, independent publishers, writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. 

We recommend Ghost CMS for new-media style publications: writers, bloggers, news, independent journalism, podcasts, etc. Take a look here.

We recommend WordPress for websites, blogs, and e-commerce.

2. Direct Log-in

Steps showing growth with Leapjuice Managed Hosting.

Everything is set up for you — log directly into the backend of your CMS platform and get started. No need to install or manage any technical aspects, allowing you to focus on your content, customers, and subscribers. 

3. Take advantage of the technology boost.

Rocket ship demonstrating the technology speed boost with Leapjuice Managed Hosting Plans.

We make it easy to power your CMS website or publication with the best technology available. All plans include maximized speed, performance, and SEO boost. We install and configure your server and database; manage all software, maintenance, and server updates; and use load balancing and scaling to ensure optimized traffic management. And we’re constantly backing up your data to reduce downtime and loss.

Serious businesses and creators want the best technology. We’re here to ensure you have it. 

Top Features of Leapjuice Managed Ghost & Managed WordPress.

Compute Infrastructure

Fast stopwatch to represent Leapjuice fastest CPUs with AMD Epyc Milan with no limit on memory usage.

AMD Epyc Milan Processors on compute architecture with no limit on memory usage.

Network Technology

Icons with colored global network with humans connected. Represents Leapjuice network technology on Google Cloud, including premium internet backbone, CDN, load balancer, and more.

Google premium internet backbone, load balancing, CDN, edge network, 100 POPs (points-of-presence), and advanced DNS.

Advanced SEO

Colored letters spelling out SEO. Represents search engine optimization boost gained from Leapjuice Managed Hosting built on Google Cloud.

SEO boost with server and network speeds, advanced DNS, and Google technology.

Caching Speed Boost

Server and computers that are caching data. Represents Leapjuice caching technology with Managed Hosting.

Nginx caching, object caching (redis/memcached/OPcache), and CDN.

Latest Technologies

Gears turning representing Leapjuice advanced Managed Hosting and optimization technology.

PHP 8.x, Node.js, Nginx reverse proxy, and dedicated PHP application handler.

Rapid SSD Storage

SSD hard drive logo. Represents Leapjuice Managed Hosting using SSD storage for lightning-speed and data performance.

Lightening fast, rapid SSD (solid state drive) storage.

High-Availability Databases

Database stack icons representing Leapjuice high-availability databases and performance benefits to the customer.

High-availability cloud database server ensures your data is always available for customers and users, anywhere in the world at any time.

Carbon-Free Energy

Green leaves pointed towards a circle movement. Represents Leapjuice utilizing Google's carbon-free energy zones to deliver exceptional Managed Hosting performance with the lowest emissions.

Carbon-free energy by utilizing Google Cloud zones with the highest CFE % (highest currently 97% CFE)

Backups & Snapshots

Hard drive with a circular arrow. Represents Leapjuice's dedication to protecting your data from loss with server backups.

Own your data and never lose it; 2x daily backups and 1x daily snapshots.

The leading 2 open source CMS applications: Ghost & WordPress

Ghost CMS

Now running Ghost 5.x with MySql8 database server. Ideal for blogs, newsletters, podcasts, independent creators, independent journalism, and more


Now running WordPress 6.x with PHP 8.x, Nginx reverse proxy, Nginx and object caching. Ideal for websites, eCommerce, and blogs.