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Welcome to your publication dashboard.

Leapjuice Ghost online publishing dashboard: Design, editor, payments, analytics, custom cards and more.

Creating the perfect design has never been easier.

Customizing the design, look, and feel of your publication. Example of menus and layout.

Launch your platform and start earning.

Publish now or schedule for later.

Release your new post or newsletter to the world. Ready, set, publish. Share it with the world.

Create free or premium tiers and charge for access.

Sample earnings potential based on x number subscribers paying $5/month.

Subscribers Monthly Fee Earnings/mo Earnings/yr
Integrated payments with Stripe. Connect your Stripe account and accept payments from your subscribers.

Connect your Stripe account and process payments.

Your frontend masterpiece:
Clean, gorgous looking pages with no technical or developer skills required. Focus on your content.

Create beautiful looking content with custom cards.

List of available custom cards

Native support for social media, videos, podcasts, gifs, products, callouts, headers, and even NFTs.

More custom cards including images, videos, files, products, buttons, and more.

Grow without limits.

Man taking off with rocket strapped to back.

Own your infrastructure. Own your data. Own your payments. Own your design. Own your analytics.

Your data belongs to you and runs within its own secured container.
We power it all with unlimited memory and horsepower.

Create multiple newsletters and publish for different audiences.

Customize the design, look and feel of your newsletters. Turn posts into newsletters or publish both simultaneously. Send to subscribers directly from your platform.

Ready, set, publish screen: showing options to publish and email (newsletter), publish only, or email only.
Demo how to customize the look of your newsletters.

Native analytics gives insight into performance, engagement, views by subscribers, and more.

Let your numbers guide your growth.

Redundant decentralized infrastructure ensures you stay online. Speak freely.

Integrations, custom cards and code injections connect your publication to the world.

Icons showing various integrations: youtube, twitter, facebook, vimeo, google analytics, zapier, discord and more.

Choose your theme right from your dashboard.